Thursday, 6 September 2012

Top 7 Suggestions about Car Shipping

Top 7 Suggestions about Car Shipping

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If you are one among the people who are planning to ship their vehicle through auto shipping companies, then you need to know certain things before you choose a vehicle transport company and here are a few suggestions on how to carry on your car shipping hassle free. 1. Search for free auto transport quote online and choose a company which is experienced in handling more than hundred customers. Find out reliable car shipping companies with keywords like car transport, car shipping and auto shipping. You would get an idea of the top listed companies for different keywords. Take your friends help in knowing the popular companies near your locality. Car mover’s directory can be a way to find out numerous free vehicle shipping Quote companies online. 2. Does the company offer you an economical service? You would be able to know the economical price only if you compare different company services and quotes. Never get tempted and accept the lowest offer, before enquiring in the market about the quality of service. Verify the credentials of the company in the MCSA safety. 3. Insurance certificates, registration with USDOT, and possession of MC and DOT number. They must have proper insurance certificates and should be registered with USDOT. They also must posses the proper documentation for shipping vehicles within a nation. Each auto shipping company provides certain range of insurance coverage based on your cars size and weight. 4. Tracking system, bunch of professional drivers, enquiring about the hidden costs. It’s required that you are aware of you cars route and the timing it would reach you. Tracking car is beneficial and thus the car shipping company would have an eye on the auto transport drivers till your car is delivered. It monitors dangerous or rash driving by the drivers. Be sure to enquire about any hidden costs if any before the pick up. 5. Enclosed and open car shipping. Most of the car shipping companies provide both kinds of services. Open car shipping would cost you around 60% cheaper than enclosed car shipping. But incase you want to ship a luxury or a classic car then enclosed shipping is best. 6. Preparing your car before shipping. This is what you already know. Preparation needs nothing but taking photographs of your car incase it has scratches and damages which already exists before shipping your car. Taking photographs is beneficial as you can claim for the damages if it occurs during shipping process to the auto shipping company. Make sure you remove toolboxes, add-on vehicle fittings and other accessories before the shipment. 7. Do not accept the car during delivery at night. It’s wise not to accept the car delivery to your place during night as you cannot inspect your car thoroughly for any damages or scratches. Damage cannot be claimed if it’s not signed by the driver at the time of delivery. So make sure you pick up your car during day light. Also be clear where you want to meet the driver.


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