Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Free Auto transport Quotes related faq

Free Auto transport Quotes related frequency asked questions

  • How does auto transport quotes work ?

We are transfer your vehicle shipping quotes with a great licensed and insured auto shipping trucking company. Once your order has been placed, your vehicle delivery will be scheduled for dispatch as close as possible to the date(s), which you requested on your free auto transport quote form. We will establish an auto transport tracking file on your car shipment. We will then choose the best auto trucking company that is available to transport your vehicle closest to the day you choose for dispatch. After we re-verify that the auto shipping company we chose is still properly licensed and insured, we will then assign your car shipment to them. You will get 8 to 24 hours advance notice from either the truck driver himself or from the auto transport trucking company in order to schedule both the pickup and delivery time and day. Please be readily contactable at anytime for pickup or delivery once your order is placed, and have your cash, money order or cashiers' check, if applicable, payable to the trucking company, ready upon delivery, or pickup if you choose. If you place an order for "ASAP", you must be ready to release the vehicle at any time we ask for it.

  • How early should I schedule the shipping of the vehicle?

We would like to have as much notice as possible of your preferred auto transport dates. This will help us to schedule your vehicle pickup and delivery within the time frame which you requested. We will gladly accept your order for shipment with little notice, but the more notice, the better.

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