Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Auto Transportation Rules and Regulation in USA

Auto Transportation Rules and Regulation in USA

Motor carriers operating in Washington are generally subject to regulation by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (commission) and are required to obtain a commission permit. Some types of carriers do not require a permit or certificate and certain operations are not regulated by the commission. Examples of regulated and non-regulated carriers are listed below.

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The commission regulates intrastate carriers providing services for compensation in the following industries: ■ Motor Carriers of Property ■ Household Goods Movers ■ Freight Brokers ■ Garbage and Recycling Companies ■ Passenger Bus Companies ■ Passenger Ferry Boat Companies The commission does not require permits for the following carriers: ■ Government owned and operated vehicles ■ Water haulers for construction projects ■ US mail carriers ■ Tow trucks removing disabled cars from the highway ■ Public transit and school buses ■ Taxi cabs ■ Garbage or recycling service under a city contract ■ Private carrier operations Motor carrier operations are subject to many regulations. Other requirements such as vehicle licensing, special fuel permits, business licensing and taxes are separate from the commission permit. In the 2009 session, the Legislature passed a law, House Bill 1843, that will affect transportation companies. By January 1, 2010, carriers regulated by the UTC must obtain a United States Department of Transportation (DOT) number, even if they only operate within Washington state. Book Your Free auto transport quote


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