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Thursday, 14 March 2013

car owners checklist for auto shipping

Auto shipping checklist useful to car owners :

our goal is providing fast and awless service for every customer we serve. And like many customers, you may have some questions regarding our vehicle shipping process. Please use the following auto transport tips and FAQs to help us make your next move as ef cient as possible.

car owners checklist for auto shipping
Car owner's Checklist for Auto Transport
Wash the vehicle so that it can be thoroughly inspected by a driver.
✓ Ensure your vehicle is in running condition (working brakes, no loose parts/panels/leaking uids, a fully charged battery).
✓ Make sure the fuel tank is no less than full.
✓ Leave only a spare tire, tire wrench, tire jack and emergency kit in your car.
✓ Take out any portable GPS, stereo and entertainment equipment.
✓ Disable the car security system if possible.
✓ Make the driver aware of any special requirements for starting or deactivating anti-theft systems.