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Friday, 16 August 2013

5 Ideas To Save Money On Your Car

5 Ideas To Save Money On Your Car

Between the state of the economy and gasoline prices that appear to rise and fall depending on the way the wind is blowing, it’s become import to many people to save as much money as they can. An automobile can take a hefty bite out of your overall budget depending on how much you drive and the condition of your car. Fortunately, there are number of easy and inexpensive ways to save money on automobile expenses. 5. Basic Maintenance When your car is running efficiently you save money. Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule for routine work like oil changes and filter replacements can improve gas mileage, and mean fewer stops at the pumps to fill up. Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure also improves gas mileage. 4. Do It Yourself Granted, not everyone is willing to spend time getting their hands dirty, but basic maintenance like oil changes and filter replacements mentioned previously is not that difficult, and will cost less than taking your car to the local repair shop. You can find useful videos on the internet that will show you how to perform all kinds of repairs on your own car if you decide to take the plunge. 3. How You Pay For Your Fuel These days most of us probably use our credit or debit cards to pay for gasoline. Rather than using your usual credit or debit card, you might be able to save some money by using one of the top gas rebate credit cards. These cards tend to offer money saving rewards for using them. If you spend a lot of time on the road, you will probably be able to save yourself a nice chunk of change. 2. Gasoline Prices As noted above, gas prices change quickly these days. It’s also important to know that prices can vary quite significantly from one station to another. It pays to shop around and find out who has the lowest prices in your area. Oftentimes, there is a particular station in town that almost always beats the competition. There are multiple easy-to-download apps that will direct you to the cheapest gas prices in town. 1. Hang on To That Old Friend One of the most effective ways to save money is probably also one of the most obvious. Put off getting a new car as long as you can. If your current ride is still giving you good service and not breaking down all the time, hang onto it and milk as many miles as you can out of it. You may not look as slick cruising down the highway, but the extra cash in your wallet should make you feel better about that! Karen Luckett and Jayla Barnsen write about financial topics for Karen is the content strategist for

Monday, 12 August 2013 Now Provides Interstate Car Transport Services for People Moving to Jacksonville

Florida is a big state, and Jacksonville lives up to the expectations of a big state: it is a big city. Therefore, it can be tricky for someone who goes there for the first time. This is one of the main reasons why provides interstate Car Movers Services as a solution for those who are moving from another state to Jacksonville, Florida.

Car Shipping
“The climate is not the only one to change once you get there,” says CEO. He continues, “Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and you might get lost a couple of times before you learn your way around town.” The CEO goes on explaining that, while it is normal for people to get lost in unfamiliar places and in cities as big as Jacksonville, trying to find your way around while moving (with bags and loaded trucks) is frustrating. Therefore, Mr Rodriguez suggests that interstate car movers are the best option for a Jacksonville newbie. These movers have extensive experience in transporting large loads in a short amount of time. What is more, in the opinion of Mr Rodriguez, they are familiar with finding their way around in big cities due to the professional gear they use which guide them towards the right destination. The CEO warns that people who are not accustomed to being on the road might think that a GPS can take them where they want to go without any problems, but he disagrees with that. “People who are not professional drivers – who are not interstate car movers – might think they can get around easily simply by using a GPS to move their vehicle between states. But with such a big load, some roads suggested by the GPS are sometimes impracticable for a truck, for example.” warns about the importance of using the right type of transportation vehicle. The company is of the opinion that car transporters should pay extra attention to how they load the vehicle, and to drive the large vehicle carefully. If they use the appropriate transportation vehicle, problems such as scratches or low safety can be easily avoided. The company’s main aim is to help both people and transportation companies – car movers in special – conduct a safe journey between states. Therefore, they emphasize that, in order for things to go smoothly, car owners should make sure that their vehicle has all the documents up to date and that the mover will not encounter unpleasant surprises such as missing files or files which are expired.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Safe-Direct Car Shipping Changes Name To Ship A Car Direct

Safe-Direct Car Shipping announced today that they will be changing their company's well established name to Ship A Car Direct. Along with the business's website remaining unchanged, conveniently already, the company will still provide the same exact same damage free guarantee and professional service that customer's all over the nation have grown to trust. Company History The company's legacy began in 2008, and it did not take long for word to get out. By providing consistent high levels of customer satisfaction, Safe-Direct Car Shipping earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and five out of five stars in Auto Transport reviews. Not only did they continue to provide top level service, they changed the entire landscape of the car shipping industry by offering what no other car shipping company could: A 100% damage free coverage promise, and a no upfront deposit requirement. They put each carrier through a rigorous pre-screening process which now comprises a database of over 4000 drivers. Best of all, they did not charge outrageous fees or include hidden costs. They made the entire car shipping process safe, reliable, and hassle free. So Why Change The Name? Originally, the company wanted a website URL that would simply convey the message that they can do exactly what a customer wants; to ship a car both safely and directly, with no hassle. Ultimately however, the difference in the company name “Safe-Direct Car Shipping”, and the website URL caused confusion for some customers. That confusion compounded when other companies created similar website and business names in hopes of receiving leads based upon the reputation earned by the real To clear this confusion, the business name was changed to match the website URL. The former business name of Safe-Direct Car Shipping, has now been officially and legally changed to “Ship A Car Direct” – matching their website address Ship A Car Direct has been the top choice in customer satisfaction for years and continues to proudly deliver high quality service with a damage free guarantee. Michael Strickland, owner of Ship A Car Direct explained that the name change was necessary "to create a clear, unified web presence and help insure that customers find the right company in order to receive the best service possible.”

Monday, 13 May 2013

Executive Travel Brighton Hove

Reliable and trusted private car hire service available for you Are you planning a trip? Need to book transport? Then look no further. Our courteous and friendly drivers work 24 hours a day to provide you with the reliable and relaxed service that you deserve. With estate cars and 8 seater minibuses available, we trust we offer a first class service to meet your needs. Welcoming business accounts, we are also able to provide transport for business trips, conferences, team building days and much more. For your re-assurance, all bookings are confirmed with you a day in advance. No matter what your event, we are the company for you. For more information, contact us today. Contact Info Brighton Mob: 07448 562 955 Mob: 07450 222 206 email:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Guidelines for hiring car transport service in Florida

Planning for relocation? Are you done shifting with other household items? This is a very common situation which people face! Having your automobile shifted to that new place is not an easy task, it requires appropriate planning. Services of hands-on experienced people specializing in transporting cars should be signed up for the task to end up in the most efficient manner. Discovering the best auto transport company needs some research work. Listed below are some of the guidelines that you should be following while hiring a car transport service in Florida.

Surf through as many companies you can through internet. Go through their website thoroughly and find out how long they are into this business, how many clients they have seen till now. Read through the customer reviews and testimonials to know whether they were able to stand up to their expectation. There is another predominant factor that you should be looking for and it is the legal status of the company. Legal status and license for such operations are other imperative factors that have to be considered. It is with these specifications you should narrow down your choices so once you have gone through all these details make sure that you request for a quote. Based on your budget you can go with the Florida auto Transport Company selected.

Note: the least expensive auto transport company may not be the most dependable car shipper. So ensure that you are making a wise choice!

Happy shipping

car shipping company in Florida

Friday, 12 April 2013

Advantages of enclosed vehicle transport in California

Advantages of enclosed vehicle transport in California

Enclosed vehicle transport, being one of the safest transport methods, you can be sure of your vehicle reaching your destination without exposing to external elements. Despite the fact that, this option costs more, it’s worth the service. Completely enclosed within a locked-down trailer, the distinguishing feature about enclosed option when compared to open vehicle transport is that your vehicle will not be exposed to the exterior elements i.e. the weather conditions; tagged on to this, usually sharing space with no more than 3 other vehicles. For e.g. if you want to get your car somewhere in California, requesting a quote to a California auto transport company would let you know with the payment details in advance.

Enclosed vehicle transport
Known for the advantages it provides, enclosed vehicle transport saves your vehicles from all environmental damages, road debris, and many other damages which are commonly caused by the open ended carriers. There are several advantages for it; besides, the trailer is outfitted with an automatic loading gate, therefore reducing the risk of harm to your car when it is loaded and unloaded. Of course the main consideration would be the minimization of weather and road conditions damage along with the expediency of pickup and delivery.

Irrespective of the destination you wanted to travel California auto Transport Company can help you execute the task in the most efficient means.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A1 Brighton Airports Taxis Cabs

A1 Brighton Airports Taxis Cabs

I am proud to offer a reliable, efficient and professional taxi service from Brighton to Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Luton, Stanstead, Portsmouth, Southampton and Eurostar Saint Pancreas. Please contact me at

cheap-Brighton-taxis from Brighton taxis cabs on Vimeo.

Executive Chauffeurs for Brighton to London City Airport taxi transfers. We travel to Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Southampton, Portsmouth, Dover, Eastbourne and Hastings too. Visit :

Friday, 5 April 2013

Press release N-Motion auto transport will facilitate the car shipping needs of car collectors nationwide

The Mecum Auction is a great way for car enthusiasts to gather together and have a chance to purchase some of the most beautiful cars that aren't readily available to the general public. From modern Ferrari’s to classic Chevrolet Corvettes, automobile fanatics will bid against one another in order to acquire that missing puzzle piece to a car collection.

N-Motion auto transport
N-Motion Auto Transport knows how important these caliber vehicles are to customers and that they are not only vehicles but works of art. When a customer spends all that time searching for the automobile of their dreams, they are going to want to make sure they use dependable auto shippers to move that newly purchased vehicle. Many consumers that go to collector car auctions have a car shipping company that they might have used in the past to ship cars. Although, many do not! N-Motion Auto Transport’s primary clientele bases are repeats and referrals but they also facilitate the auto shipping needs of new clients as well. With all of the new technological advancements in the auto transport industry, customers can move their vehicles worry-free with N-Motion Auto Transport. However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Depending on the monetary value of the vehicle, and or the sentimental value, you might want to consider shipping those classic vehicles on an enclosed trailer vs. an open carrier. Enclosed Auto Transport Enclosed car carriers are the industry’s leading form of vehicle transportation when dealing with high-end, classic, collector and antique automobiles. It offers a 360 degree, complete protection of the vehicle while in transit, which keeps it safe from all the outside elements. Customers will not have to worry about dust, weather, rocks or debris from the road. Lift gates are typically utilized for low ground clearance vehicles and makes the loading process that much easier. About N-Motion Auto Transport N-Motion Auto Transport remains a staple in the car shipping industry with their competitive pricing. This is all due to the mass volume of vehicle shipments that N-Motion brings, to not only markets of scale, but even the little shippers. Our strong network of affiliated carriers and dedicated fleets help N-Motion Auto Transport assist each customer with a personalized transport program. For more information on classic car shipping, contact N-Motion Auto Transport today at 1-855-407-4160 or visit us on the web @

Car Shipping Company Press Release and Banner promotions service are doing here.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

car owners checklist for auto shipping

Auto shipping checklist useful to car owners :

our goal is providing fast and awless service for every customer we serve. And like many customers, you may have some questions regarding our vehicle shipping process. Please use the following auto transport tips and FAQs to help us make your next move as ef cient as possible.

car owners checklist for auto shipping
Car owner's Checklist for Auto Transport
Wash the vehicle so that it can be thoroughly inspected by a driver.
✓ Ensure your vehicle is in running condition (working brakes, no loose parts/panels/leaking uids, a fully charged battery).
✓ Make sure the fuel tank is no less than full.
✓ Leave only a spare tire, tire wrench, tire jack and emergency kit in your car.
✓ Take out any portable GPS, stereo and entertainment equipment.
✓ Disable the car security system if possible.
✓ Make the driver aware of any special requirements for starting or deactivating anti-theft systems.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Nine Benefits of Vehicle Shipping

Let’s be honest. The prospect of driving cross country can seem daunting. But when you’re moving to a new state, you don’t really have a choice. Or do you? More and more people are hiring moving companies to ship their vehicles for them so they eliminate the long drive. But there are a host of other benefits to shipping your car during a move.

Vehicle Shipping
Less wear and tear on your vehicle: If your car isn’t being driven, the tires won’t wear out and the radiator won’t overheat during the long journey across the country. Instead, it will be protected from potentially harmful situations that might crop up on the drive.

No mileage buildup: Your vehicle also won’t gain increased mileage from the journey, since it will be sitting on the back of a truck.

Potentially lowered travel costs: If your family has two vehicles to drive across the country, it might prove less expensive to drive one vehicle and hire one of your local long-distance moving companies to ship the other. Also, you might be able to find great deals on flights that would make the journey cheaper.

Traveler safety: If you’re moving during the winter months, snow and other extreme weather conditions could make the roads dangerous for inexperienced cross-country drivers to travel. In addition, moving companies employ professional drivers who can navigate all sorts of terrain and vehicles that have appropriate lighting for night travel.

Valuation: Many international moving companies offer complete valuation to your vehicle, so if it’s damaged during shipping, you will be reimbursed to fix it. This is more than can often be said of personal car insurance.

Flexibility: Book the vehicle shipping company to arrive whenever it’s convenient for you. Find a company that will accommodate you if your travel plans change at the last minute.

Less hassle: When you book a company to ship your vehicle and decide to fly instead, you don’t have to worry about navigating to your new home or getting lost on the way.

Less worry: If you are moving alone or following a spouse, shipping your car gives you an alternative to driving across the country by yourself.

Convenience: Most moving companies will come to your door to pick up and drop off your vehicle. Just specify when and where you want the company to meet you.

Original Source :

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

InTraLog SA Car Logistics

InTraLog SA Car Logistics represents the highest quality and most reliable luxury car Transport Company in Switzerland. Intralog SA meets all car shipping needs of individuals, dealers and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally. InTraLog SA Car Logistics Service of Excellence

At InTraLog Car Logistics we offer our customers a full service. Our highly motivated, professional and courteous staff is always ready to assist you with your entire specific Necessity of car logistics, you will receive prompt and expeditious service from start to completion of your transaction. Our services offer you highest quality to assure and Protection transport of your vehicles, Secrecy You may count on our strictest confidence!

Utilizing the best equipment and "state of the art“ communication and tracking systems, our highly trained,experienced drivers have the skills to properly take care of your vehicle, and ensure it's a safe on time delivery.

All equipment provide air ride transportation and covered trailers have hydraulic lift gate service to ensure no underframe damage or driveline strain. Our open transporters offer an additional option to our customers while maintaining The same high quality service. Please feel free to contact us for any question or concern you may have. We will do our utmost to meet your specific car logistics requirements. InTraLog SA Pace Leonardo Rte des Jeunes 4 Bis CH-1211Genève 26 Tel :++41 22 364 61 28 Fax :++41 22 364 61 26 e-mail: InTraLog AG Schaedlich Bertrand Stegackerstrasse 20 CH-4132 Muttenz Tel :++41 61 467 15 12 Fax :++41 61 467 15 18 Car Shipping Company Guest Posting and Press release Contact :

Monday, 18 February 2013

How to maintaince your car to take good care

1. Take a look at your tires. A tire that is low will get hot and blow out. Tire pressure should be 30-35 PSI when the tire is COLD/before driving. Tires that have steel exposed or are worn so that there is less than 3/32 of an inch of tread are dangerous. Many junk yards and tire stores have good used tires available at low prices.

Car maintenance tips 2. Learn how to check fluid levels. Have a friend show you how if you do not know.

a. Check engine oil every 500 miles or every other tank of gas - more often if it uses oil. Check the oil when the engine is hot. After you have driven someplace, turn the car off and park on level ground. Wait about 5 minutes and then check the oil. Running a motor low on oil will completely ruin the motor. Change your oil every 3000-4000 miles.
b. Check the automatic transmission fluid (when engine is hot see directions on stick) monthly, more often if you see red oil spots on the ground where you park your car. When a transmission is low on fluid it will slip when it shifts and soon burn out! If you add transmission fluid make sure you add the correct type. There are several types.
c. Check the radiator fluid level only when the engine is COLD and make sure your anti-freeze is good for at least -30 degrees F before cold weather. A tester can be purchased for about $2.00.
d. Check the power steering fluid monthly. When the power steering fluid is low you will hear a growling noise as the steering wheel is turned. e. Check the battery fluids twice a year, unless it is a maintenance free battery.

3. Pay attention to the "free play" in the steering wheel. "Free play" is the distance the steering wheel is turned before the front tires start to turn. Excessive "free play", more than two or three inches of steering wheel travel, could mean worn tie rods that could fall off! This is very dangerous and should be checked immediately. Any shop that does tire and front-end repair will usually give free estimates. It is wise to get several estimates. Some shops unnecessarily replace parts.

4. Exhaust noise means exhaust leaks. Carbon monoxide gas is dangerous, especially when driving or parking with the windows closed. Older cars may have rusted floors which allow exhaust gas to get into the car. Even small leaks can be dangerous!

5. Grinding noise, when the brakes are applied, means that there is no friction material left (pads) on the brakes. That means metal is rubbing on metal. This causes much damage and will very soon result in no brake at all. The repair then will become extensive and expensive. If your car makes a high pitched squeal at low speeds that stops when the brake pedal is pushed, you will need front brakes soon. There is a metal tab on the front brake pads which makes that noise to warn you that the brakes are worn out. Have them fixed right away! If you wait it will only cost you a lot more!

The brake pedal should never go over half-way to the floor when pushed for the first time! If it does it could mean worn brakes or a bad hydraulic system. Never put any fluid in the brake system other than brake fluid. Any other fluid will ruin the brake system. If the brake fluid reservoir is clear you can visually check it each month. If the brake fluid is in a nonvisible reservoir check it annually. 6. If your signals flash in one direction but not in the other just check your lights. You will find that there will be a bulb burnt out on the side that does not flash. If your lights do not flash in either direction you may have a bad signal flasher. Your owner’s manual should tell you where the flasher is. It usually plugs in by the fuses and you or a friend can easily replace it, if necessary.

7. A screeching noise from the motor area, after you start the car, means one or more belts are loose. Have them tightened or the belt will wear out and break. Slipping belts can cause a dead battery, hard steering, or overheating.

8. When a red light comes on that refers to oil pressure or overheating, stop the car AS SOON AS SAFELY POSSIBLY. Driving even a mile could completely ruin the motor. A yellow light that says "check engine" or "service engine soon" can be driven to your destination or repair shop. It indicates a computer control problem and will not result in immediate engine damage, but could be wasting gas.

9. It is a good idea to use only windshield washer fluid in the washer. It cleans better than water and will not freeze in winter. Make sure you pour it in the washer reservoir and NOT the radiator reservoir.

10. Watch the price of gas at various stations. It may vary 5 - 15 cents per gallon within a few miles.

Get more details for Auto Transport Quotes

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Benefits of Instant Auto Transport Quotes

While you look to hire a best auto shipping company, utilizing the transport cars quote as an effective tool is important. Many people request auto shipping quotes just to know approximated rates for their vehicle relocation. Even though auto shipping quotes are basically designed to provide estimated rates, but can be useful for various other things.

By understanding the price factors in auto shipping quotes, you can easily save a considerable amount by reducing rates to an affordable level. By comparing quotes of different auto transport companies, you can determine reputation of an auto shipper. The comparison also allows you to find economical rates.

Instant Auto Transport Quotes


  1. Request quotes from at least five to ten auto transport companies operating in your area.

  2. All legitimate and professional companies offer free car transport quotes. You must avoid companies asking you to pay for quotes.

  3. Check the listed services to ensure companies offer all services such as depot-to-depot shipping, door-to-door shipping, open and enclosed car shipping, insurance, and vehicle tracking system.

  4. Avoid companies that do not offer full insurance for vehicle shipping.

  5. Compare quotes you obtained from various shippers in order to find out the company offering quality and affordable services.

Reducing the Rates

Once you know the pricing factors in car shipping quotes, you can easily reduce the cost of auto shipping service.

  1. Car shipping rates majorly depend on auto carriers you hire for shipping car. To minimize the cost, you must consider open carriers, as they are inexpensive as compared to enclosed carriers. Especially, when you do not need to transport a classic or luxury car, then do not need to pay extra for shipping it in enclosed carriers.

  2. The auto shipping rates also depend on the car delivery options. If you need to reduce the rates, you should choose terminal-to-terminal shipping as it costs less as compared to door-to-door services.

  3. The instant auto transport quotes also include the cost of additional services such as vehicle tracking and customer service charges. You must not check these boxes while getting quote.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Selecting a Good Auto Transport Service

Selecting a Good Auto Transport Service

Are you currently planning a long distance move? If you are then you may be likely want to hire an auto transport service to move your vehicle. When the distance is significant, you do not want to tie yourself down with the cumbersome process of having to drive your car the full distance of the trip, you can use this service. Without considering this service, doing so, could risk damaging the car. Rather than have to deal with such issues, it is best to hire an auto transport service who can deliver you an auto to your destination without any troubles. Of course, you do have to take certain steps to select right service. Do not worry though. Picking the right auto transport service is not as difficult as you might initially assume. It would be best to hire an established service that has been in the business for good amount of time. The reason to select an established auto transport business is because, such a business has a track record for doing what it promises. This might not be the case with a service that is newly established. The fees charged by the service should also be fair. While it might not be possible to acquire incredibly low cost rates on auto transport, since long distance trips will come with great costs, however, the service should charge within the industry average or at a slight discount. Then again, it would never hurt to select a solid, reliable auto transport service that offers a very generous discount. What type of protection does the auto transport company provide if any damage befalls the vehicle? This is a very important question to ask because even the most reputable and reliable transport service can run into mishaps that can damage a vehicle. If this occurs, know what type of insurance coverage the service will provide. This is important to know. Speaking of payment insurance, it is also a necessary to look into acquiring Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) if you are taking out a loan to cover the costs of the move. What is PPI? Basically, it is insurance coverage for loans or credit card payments that can be claimed if you lose your job or are unable to pay the loan. In such an event, PPI claims can protect you from all manner of financial problems that can result from not meeting loan obligations. Taking out such insurance could remove a very serious unforeseen problem that could arise when you hire a transport service by taking a loan. Regards : Contact Auto Transport Company Banners Ads Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her blogs @financeport